Waist Training Tips

waist training dangerWaist training has it’s benefits but like anything else you gotta know when and where to draw the line. Like those men who tend to go a little too hard in the gym or that friend who always seems to have a little too much to drink… if you’re the type to over indulge then waist training may not be for you.

As with anything else, when it comes to corset training if you listen to your body and take things slowly and progressively then you are at less of a risk of developing any serious issues. Some of the benefits include an improved posture and of course a smaller waist line. There are tons of garments out there to help you train your waist from waist cinchers to corsets, girdles and shapers. But in order for them to be beneficial you have to be dedicated and consistent. Many women give up before they even achieve any results… and the other half just don’t know when to stop. With that being said.. it AIN’T for everybody. I would say the most important thing about lacing or corseting is knowing when to take it off!

Boning is always angled to bring in the waist.  While bringing in the waist, corsets do make breathing difficult as they restrict the diaphragm, and make doing everyday chores incredibly different. You cannot bend over like you would without one on–it’s kind of like a skinny pregnant suit. They make life a little difficult but do wonders for your back, your shoulders and sometimes your self-esteem.

More tips:

  • Always wear something under your corset or it will begin to smell & wear out. Gross.
  • Lacing up without something under your corset will burn if with cord, laces cut. Uncomfortable.
  • Never pull it as tight as possible when you are starting out, as that can put you into shock or kill you. Be smart.
  • Do not eat for about half an hour before and after lacing up. Just a tip.
  • Educate yourself on corsets, because people like to question them. Be smart.
  • Brace yourself when you sneeze or cough. So serious.

Corsets are different from the norm and make everyday life a little complex, but I guarantee sex will never be the same.

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