The Meaning of Love

loveMorning Inspiration….


Love is beautiful. LOVE is a commitment. Love is patience. Love is kind. Love takes work! It doesn’t take vacations. It doesn’t depend on what someone else does or doesn’t do. True love is ever lasting. The degree of love may be raised or lowered, but true love never fails. When you have it, keep it, protect it, nurture it, respect it, cherish it, reciprocate it, because it is rare to find true love. Please understand that love is a GIFT. If you have someone who loves you through thick and thin, consider yourself blessed. If you have someone who stands by your side when you do right or wrong, consider yourself blessed. If you have someone who loves the WORST of you and the BEST of you, it is a sign that someone sees something SPECIAL in you. Your job is to love yourself enough to RETURN the love to the person who loves you back!! Remember these words and you will always be loved. Never forget who loves you! It starts with you!- Tammy Rayson-Brown