Yoga Moves for Flat Abs

corescissormainCore Scissor Twists
Come onto the back. Lift your head and shoulders and place fingertips lightly behind the head. Inhale, elbows and feet lift into the sky. Exhale, lower legs slightly, pull right elbow to left knee. Inhale to center, repeat with left elbow to right knee. Repeat 3-5x each side.


Hands and Knees Core Plank handskneeplank
Come to hands and knees. Inhale, left leg lifts, foot flexed, hips center to floor. Exhale, round the left knee to nose (pictured below). Try lifting the right knee and hip to the sky on exhales for more results. Do 3-5 rounds. Come to center, repeat on left side 3-5x

Yoga moves found on SELF