Morning Inspiration…You should always feel needed as a woman,wife,mother,sister,daughter,friend,lover, and  companion

our husbands“I used to think my husband didn’t need me. When my boys were really young, I gave them all of my time and attention. I wanted to be a really good mom so I read all kinds of books about parenting and kids’ learning styles. I kind of became a student of my kids so I could meet all of their needs.
The only problem was, I gave so much to my kids that when my husband got home from work in the evenings I had no energy and focus left to give him.

One night J.J. and I were having a challenging “conversation” and he ended up saying he felt like our marriage wasn’t a priority to me anymore. I got all defensive and told him the kids needed me more because they were children and he was a grown man.

But that night, God showed me that my priorities and my perspective were off kilter. He helped me see that my husband does need me just in a different way than my kids.

Our spouses need to know they matter to us; that we want to spend time with them and meet their needs too.” – Renee Swope