Shaun T Words of Wisdom

1. How do I handle people that suggest exercise is selfish and that it takes time away from family?
-Well, actually exercising is selfless! I’ve said before that “You are the nucleus of your existence!” A happier you equals a happier family. If someone feels that you’re being selfish for exercising just remind them that you want to love longer and have positive energy for the family.

2. Can I have a cheat meal and still lose weight? -Absolutely!!! 1 bag of M&M’s doesn’t make you gain the weight. Its the consistency of you staying committed to eating healthy 85% of the time and 15% fun. 85/15 RULE!

3. Someone mentioned that its easy for me to have good fitness because its my job!
-WROOOONG!! I have struggles and road blocks just like everybody else. I look different in every single on of my fitness programs. Life is never easy just because that’s your career. And I wouldn’t be in this life it it were easy. I’m in it because its a challenge and my challenges help me relate to your challenges.