Friday’s Must Try

TANTALUM…is a fusing California cuisine with the soul of Asia.

This restaurant is snuggled in Long Beach situated along Alamitos Bay, deep within the beautiful Marina Pacifica. When arriving to TANTALUM you walk up into an experience of an Asia feel. I always feel like I am in another part of the world when I come to this restaurant, considering it is my second time going. The decor is deep in brown tones and the music there sets the tone for relaxation. If you love seafood and you are in the Long Beach area I will suggest that you definitely try one of Long Beach’s best-kept secrets….TANTALUM!!!! The picture below shows their California cuisine with a Asian soul twist to favorite Creme Burlee..which is call the  BRASS MONKEY on their menu…its ingredients consist of…
chunky monkey creme brulee, caramelized banana, chocolate, crushed almonds, vanilla bean custard…It is to die for!!!




Must Try

barneys3So, last week I was taken to this place call Barney’s Beanery in downtown Santa Monica on the 3rd street Promenade and to my surprise it was better than good. I had the Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla. It has the hot sauce that usually goes on your Buffalo chicken, caramelized onions and blue cheese crumbles, when I say this place is to die for…man oh man is that an understatement. Now, when you get there it will be at least a 30 minute wait to sit down but it is all so worth it. I really see what the hype is all about for Barney’s Beanery. Every bite you take is like a piece of Heaven I give it four stars and the reason not five is because the customer service can be a lot better.