No Gym Needed

Day 16…..Let’s target those ABs


No Gym Needed

Day 5….We have just begun

10 Minute Workout

kick starterKick-Starter

Lie face-up with legs together, raised toward ceiling, feet flexed, hands behind head, elbows out, shoulders lifted. Lower left leg until it hovers above floor (as shown). Return to start. Repeat with right leg for 1 rep. Alternate sides for 30 seconds 3 times. Target: abs

tense relaxTense/relax

Lie face-up with arms extended overhead, palms up. Contract abs and draw knees toward chest as you lift upper back off floor and grab soles of feet with both hands (as shown). Hold for 10 seconds. Return to start; repeat. Do 15 reps. 3 set. Target: abs

namaste side bendNamaste Side Bend

Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms above head, palms pressed together, elbows out. Lean to right (as shown), pushing left hip out, until you feel your obliques and back engage. Return to start; repeat on opposite side for 1 rep. Do 12 reps 3 sets.

67% better than a crunch at activating your lats, which pull in your waistline

10 Minute Workout

competition sit upCompetition Sit-up

Lie face-up with legs straight, arms extended overhead on ground. Engage abs and sit up, bending knees as you reach hands to toes (as shown). Return to start; continue for 1 minute. Targets: abs, hips (see how many you can do in 3 minutes)

side bend twistSide Bend Waist

Start in side plank on right, left foot staggered in front of right for balance. Extend left arm above head. Sweep left arm under stomach, twisting torso until face down (as shown); return to start. Do 12 reps 3 sets; repeat on opposite side.

28% better than a crunch for sculpting your sides

Beggar Planksbeggars plank

Start in plank position on forearms, palms down, feet together. Flip right palm up as you move right forearm forward a few inches; repeat on left (as shown). Reverse movement: Move left forearm back as you flip palm down; repeat on right to return to start for 1 rep. Do 15 reps 3 sets. Targets: transversus and rectus abdominis, obliques

10 Minute Workout

lateralstepupLateral Step-Ups

Stand to the right of a 12 to 18 inch step or bench. Plant your left foot on the step and place your hands on your hips.(A) Press into your left foot, extend right leg, and spring up and over the step, (B) planting the right foot on the step and extending the left leg out into a side lunge. Immediately reverse the move, springing up and over to the right. Think of this move as your feet exchanging places on the step. Continue alternating for a full set. 10 to 12 reps per side

Tones: Butt and thighs, plus raises heart rate to burn extra calories

Side Plank with Moving Kneesideplank-movknee

Lie face down on the floor so your upper body is propped on your forearms with your elbows directly beneath your shoulders. (A) Lift your body off the floor so your body is suspended in a straight line supported by your forearms and toes. Roll to the left, rotating your left arm, so your upper body is propped up on your left forearm, elbow directly beneath shoulder and forearm running perpendicular to your body. Stack your feet and place your left hand on your hip, elbow pointed up. (B) Raise your right leg and bring your right knee to your right elbow.(C) Return to start. Switch sides. 8 to 10 reps

 Tones: Core (especially obliques) and butt