Women know your Worth

Morning Inspiration… came across this post on my facebook and I had to share this with you all. No matter what type of abuse you are facing one is not worse than the other. Abuse is Abuse. Women Know your Worth!!!

Written by Phenomenal Woman

Just My Thoughts
What is Abuse???

What if you have a man that treats you nice pays all your bills ….He’s supportive encouraging and inspiring … he often takes you out on shopping sprees… weekly mani/pedis the works ….but on several occasions he has physically harmed you….

What if you had a man that took very good care of you financially but wasn’t supportive of you and your accomplishments …,he belittles you …uses past discretion as a way to bring you down… constantly undermining everything you do …, nothing is never good enough but he’s never hit you …..

Some would say that
scenario #1 is abusive without a doubt …how dare he put his hands on her shes his woman not his child….others would say scenario #2 is not abusive because he never put his hands on her …she’s got it made no worries at all ….

Ladies abuse is abuse mental or physical they are both scenarios are abusive relationship … Just because he doesn’t put his hands on you doesn’t mean he’s not abusive

some would say mental abuse can be the worse to have someone tearing you down… breaking your spirit… making you feel worthless …,but isn’t that what physical abuse does …they are both the same … Think about it!

Abuse in any form is never acceptable
Hold your head high and your standards higher
“Woman Know Thy Worth”