3rd Annual Women’s Healthy Lifestyle Luncheon

Women if you are looking for a Day Designed with You in Mind…Then get your tickets today!!!! for our 3rd Annual Women’s Healthy Lifestyle Luncheon at http://www.acurvygirlsjourney.orgĀ  All ticket sales ($65) include Free express Mani and Pedis, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp Massages, Raffles, Swag bags and so much more!!!




flawless beautyMorning Inspiration…. after coming across this post on Instagram on flawlessbeauty_bycheryl I had to post this as my Morning Inspiration

GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO BE WITH YOURSELF learn to Love and Appreciate the Woman You Are!!! REMEMBER THE BEST LOVE IS SELF LOVE!!!-Maya Angelou


Morning Inspiration….I didn’t know much about this beautiful Black American sister until I heard this speech she did on beauty…after I listen to her speech it made me want to know about Lupita Nyong’o. Please click on the link below to get inspired about your own beauty.


Classy, Spiritual Confident

Morning Inspiration….

Had to Re-post this self Reflection it is something we Women need to remember.When your inner beauty shines through there’s nothing more irresistible. Your heart, soul & intelligence do matter. Looks may get him but to keep him it takes more than a big butt & a smile…Words from Angie Williams confidence

SEXY isn’t always what she flaunts with her shape & looks. SEXY & SEX APPEAL is Classy, Spiritual Confident, has a Great Attitude, NEVER settles or searches for attention, Dresses with Sophistication, and is able to leave something to the imagination, She doesn’t have to be up in a mans face to make her presence known when a man already knows what type of woman she is simply by her demeanor & what comes out of her mouth… A woman speaks life & uplifts NOT sex!!
Diane Dee’Vah Starr