Why Sex is Important

Hello Everyone, I usually don’t talk about sex because it could be a very raunchy  subject but considering that I am all about healthy living…it is a must for me to talk about sex in I/your relationships. Hope you all enjoy this article I came across on Everyday Health.

Intimacy1Why a Healthy Sex Life Is Important to Your Relationship

Many couples wake up one day and realize that sex has ended up on the relationship’s back burner. While sex is usually exciting early on, “life” often gets in the way and some couples become sexually disconnected. This disconnect is especially common in older couples, when physical changes can also become an issue. Women may not feel as sexy as they used to because their body and physical appearance change with age. Men may become stressed about sex if they worry about declining sexual stamina. Because a healthy sex life is an integral part of a strong romantic relationship, it is important to keep the lines of communication open and talk about any sexual problems you may be having as you and your partner grow and change.

3 Ways to Spice Things Up

Even couples with a healthy sex life may find that the excitement or interest lessens over time. Here are a few ideas to keep your sex life exciting:

  • Learn to love who you are. Part of having a healthy sex life is being comfortable with your own body. Practicing positive self-talk about your body and engaging in sexual self-exploration can help you become more at ease.
  • Practice intimacy without sex. Couples who have been together for a long time sometimes forget the importance of intimacy and foreplay. Instead of jumping right into sex, spend time hugging, kissing, and touching your partner — it can help you become more aroused and let you get to know each other all over again.
  • Mix things up. Just changing the time or place that you have sex can make it more exciting. If you usually have sex at night, try it on a weekend morning. If sex is confined to your bedroom, get creative and see if new surroundings excite you.

Recapturing the intimacy you once had may take a little work, but rekindling intimacy and reclaiming sexual satisfaction will be well worth the effort.

Reference: Everyday Health