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Setting the Bar

Let’s Get It Started Monday!!!!

Since completing my 30 day challenge of No Meat it is time for me to set a new goal.  My new goal will be to stay consistent with a fitness routine, it will include three days of cardio with 200 REPS of 5 exercises from my GET YO LIFE RIGHT list everyday.  This will be my new 30 day challenge what is yours?


Put this on your MP3 it will get you where you need to go….




I don’t know how many of you are following the plan or just chiming in here and there. I created Team Curvy Girl for women like me the in between woman who wants to become a Healthier Self… As I get older the weight sneaks on you before you realize it. I can remember having a conversation with my grandmother when I was almost 35 and she told me one day you are going to wake up and be 10lbs heavier and sure enough I woke up and the weight was on my thighs for sure and now that I am 2yrs away from 40 my weight is starting to shift again and I know its time to take ACTION!!! I am willing to share everything that I am going through and I would love for you all to share yours as well….I posted this EXHAUSTED sign because it is hard to stay on a schedule when you are managing 3 other schedules besides your own and working your company until wheee hrs in the morning but as long as GOD gives me strength I will continue to do what I do and share everything I am sharing because its helping someone out there whether they chose to share or not. As long as I SHARE I am MOTIVATING AND INSPIRING 1 Woman at a time….

100 Calories Burned!!!

Happy Friday,
I know that our weekends can get the best of us and our exercise routines can be thrown out of the window, but do you know that you are burning calories by doing your everyday choirs. So, if you don’t have time to do your 30 minute workout, you can still get moving and stay fit.

All of these choirs burn 100 calories within in 14-40 minutes. Try one of these calorie-burning, everyday activities:

Mowing the lawn: 20 minutes
Raking leaves: 23 minutes
Washing the car: 20 minutes
Weeding the garden: 18 minutes
Carrying an infant: 24 minutes
Cleaning, moderate effort: 26 minutes
Cooking: 34 minutes
Doing dishes: 40 minutes
Mopping the floor: 20 minutes
Playing with children: 23 minutes
Pushing a stroller: 35 minutes
Rearranging furniture: 14 minutes
Shopping: 38 minutes
Sweeping: 23 minutes
Walking the dog, 26 minutes

Now I know we do all of these things 2-3 times a day!!!

It Takes a Village

I have grown up with this phase, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and I am also realizing that it will take a village to help me commit to this exercise plan. Being part of a village gives me confident that I can do anything and it motivates me to be better. I want all of my ladies to know that we are a team and we are in this 21 Day Excitement Challenge together. So everyone get on board and be excited to be apart of a Unique team…Team Curvy Girl and lets make this HABIT 2gether!!!

In the Words of Dr.Oz

7 Ways to Boost your Energy in the words of Dr. Oz
Studies show that working our before breakfast may burn more fat than exercising after you eat



2….Eat Breakfast
Oatmeal with nuts and fruit have enough protein and fiber to keep you FULL
3. Try 5 mini meals a DAY
To keep your metabolism going, have 3 balanced meals and two small snacks in between. Eat every 3 to 4 hours!!!
4….Drinks lots of WATER!!!!!
5…. Get the right vitamins
Get B12 from salmon or lean beef and B6 from bananas, turkey, chicken breast, whole grain and tuna
6…Sleep Enough!!!
You need 7 to 8 hrs a night. Avoid eating to close to bedtime and wake up at the same time every morning
To fight an afternoon slump, take a 15 min walk after lunch. Bright light can increase alertness