Coffee Lovers

coffeeEven if you only drink it to get you through a rough day at work, coffee is surprisingly healthy for you. This caffeinated beverage has most recently shown the ability to lower your risk of a detrimental liver disease. It has been shown to improve liver protection, and help prevent alcoholic liver disease. So raise a glass, or mug, to your favorite morning life-saver, and find out more health benefits of coffee.

Heart Health

Coffee has been shown to decrease the risk of heart failure. Approximately four cups a day cut the risk of heart failure risk by 11 percent in one study.


You might think coffee makes you crazy, but it can actually reduce stress


It might not sound right, but coffee can actually prevent cavities. A 2002 study found that coffee has antibacterial activities that fight against cavity causing microorganisms.

Note: I am not talking about all of you sugar lovers who like to saturated your coffee with creamers and sugars…but black coffee if you haven’t tried it maybe you should start.