I’m Not on a Diet

Morning Inspiration…Eating lunch doesn’t have to look like the traditional salad with a side of chicken breast and a little fruit. Why not have several sliced veggies with hummus and some almonds or walnuts? For dessert you could try sliced strawberries with a tablespoon (or two) of nutella. Yum!! The combos are endless…celery and peanut butter, apples with greek yogurt. Have fun with your lunch!-blackwomendoworkout

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Great Snacks

raspberryRaspberry Cheesecake Dippers: 1 cup fresh raspberries and 1 laughing cow cream cheese wedge mixed with 2 tbsp vanilla nonfat Greek yogurt for dipping. This snack not only satisfies your sweet tooth, it also packs a punch to hunger pangs by combining a third of your daily fiber needs from the raspberries with 7 grams of protein from the yogurt-cheese dip. Fiber and protein take longer to digest than simple carbohydrates, so they keep you fuller longer and prevent a blood sugar spike and crash that can lead to cravings.

Easy Olive Tapenade: Dip 4 Endive leaves in 1/2 tbsp hummus each and top with half of a pitted olive. This snack cures a craving for something salty while providing healthy fats from the olives and hummus. Research shows that people who consume more of these monounsaturated fats do less mindless snacking and have less belly fat. Easy Olive Tapenade

Parmesan Popcorn: Place 2 tbsp of popcorn in a brown paper bag, fold over the top several times and microwave on high for 1:30 minutes or until popping slows. Top with 1 ounce shredded Parmesan. Ounce for ounce Parmesan cheese has more protein than any other food–more than meat, fish, or eggs! And don’t worry about making it low-fat — women who had one serving of whole milk or cheese daily were less likely to gain weight over time, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds. And why popcorn? Researchers found that people ate 32% fewer calories when they snacked from a large bowl of popcorn instead of potato chips. That makes sense because a 1-ounce serving of popcorn packs six times more volume than a similar serving of potato chips. So, you can nosh on a larger portion of popcorn than potato chips and still consume fewer calories!popcorn


Snack ideas courtesy of SELF:http://www.self.com/blogs/flash/2014/05/nutrition-three-ingredient-diet-friendly-snacks.html

Creamy Garlic Broccoli

broccoliCreamy Garlic Broccoli
makes 4 cups broccoli

3 1/2 cups broccoli florets
1/2 cup creamy garlic hummus
black pepper + lemon juice to taste


1. Steam, boil, roast or grill your broccoli florets.
2. Toss the warm florets in the hummus — coating it as you would pasta with pasta sauce.
3. Serve warm or place in the fridge to chill. This broccoli is delicious served both warm and chilled.

Add lemon juice and black pepper over top to serve.

Customize it! If you are not a garlic fan, you can use any variety of hummus, including lemon, chili, roasted eggplant, olive, parsley and more.

Recipe found: http://www.facebook.com/funchef

Recipe from: http://www.healthierhabits.net/post/50539903054/creamy-garlic-broccoli-about-30-calories-per

Day 6 1500 Calorie 30 Day Meal Plan

I hope everyone had a great weekend and had a awesome time putting together your meal plans for the weekend. What did you have and did you have a cheat meal?

Meal planning

Here is Monday’s 1500 calorie meal plan

Day 6


Loaded Vegetable Omelet
1 banana

1 piece of string cheese

Turkey Wrap
1 apple

10 cherry tomatoes
2 Tbsp of hummus

Quick Lemon Chicken with Rice
2 cups of broccoli

1 Sugar-Free Fudgsicle