Let’s Make it a HABIT

Morning Inspiration…..trying to do some of these things to get my day starting off RIGHT!!!!

GIVE A LITTLE THANKS…before you jump out of bed to get your day started give a little thanks I am pretty sure you have a whole list of things you can be thankful for….show your appreciation and give a little thanks

STRETCH AND STRATEGIZE “Before I sit down to eat breakfast, I like to kick off my day with some basic yoga stretches. I then write down a list of all the things I need to accomplish that day, including a list of groceries I might need for dinner. I find this helps me stay focused on the task at hand that day.”
— Eden Grinshpan, host of the Cooking Channel’s,
Log On & Eat With Eden Grinshpan

SWEAT IT OUT….I am not saying workout for an hour all I am saying is 15-30 minutes will do a body just fine.

HYDRATE UP! “I’m not a morning person, but I do walk for about 15 minutes, eat some fruit and drink a lot of water (since everyone wakes up dehydrated). I find this small step makes a dramatic difference in my energy level over the next 4 hours!”
—Henry S. Lodge, M.D., SELF’s health expert

Family Time…Please don’t forget to tell your loved ones that you love them and have a great day before they dash off to start their day.


Healthy Tips While Watching the Super Bowl!!!

Jerrynoback                                                            Fitness Guru Jerry Anderson sent me his Super Bowl Tips….A way to stay Healthy and Party while watching the Super Bowl!!! Super Bowl Eating Tips..
1. Before the players come out the shoot – Have Some Fruit. 2. When you see Ray Lewis celebrate – Hydrate. 3. When the 49ers come out with their swagger – Hit the Vegetable Platter. 4. When the Harbaugh brothers greet – Have Some Lean Meat. 5. After Beyonce Sing – Have a Little Bit of Everything. REMEMBER: DON`T GET SACKED ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY – BECAUSE THOSE HABITS, WILL CARRY INTO MONDAY.