I Love the Woman I Have Become

tatoo infinityMorning Inspiration….

Who would of thought that I would become this woman….A woman that would do whatever her kids ask of her…A woman that would help those in need…A woman that motivates and empowers others to do better…A woman that loves to see others happy….A woman who gets what she wants…A woman that is loved by herself, her kids, her family and others… and today I realized I love the Woman I have Become!!!!


Pick Wisely

pick wiselyMorning Inspiration….When you are moving and everything is going so smoothly God is working…anyone who is not suppose to be with you while you are moving and shaking God will remove those out of your life. He only wants the best people around you while your are doing the work that God has in store for you.

In the words of iamrennyren…Life is casting call and your auditioning for the star roll and the world is your biggest critic. When things are going well your supporting cast (others in your life) are giving you the performance of a life time. During this time is when you should ask God to reveal the hear of others cause some are not in it for all the right reasons. Just cause someone is good to you, doesn’t mean they’re good for you….Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 1 Corinthians 15:33

What a Blessing

Morning Inspiration…….

likeable-blog-200-1xOMG…What a surprise!!! I told myself starting in the month of March I was going to start blogging three times a day Monday-Friday and If I wanted to post funny things on Saturday and Sunday. Well to my surprise I received 200 likes on my blog and that is such a blessing. From not having anyone follow my blog to over fifty people following me is such a blessing. I try to have an inspiration everyday, with a fitness or nutrition tip or both a recipe or two and some entertainment on my blog.  I want to motivate, inspire people to create healthy lifestyles mentally, physically and spiritually and thanks to you all I am on my way to achieving what God has put in front of me to do.  Thank you again for liking my blog and following my journey.