Warning Signs

warning signsMorning Inspiration….

In the Words of Iamrennyren…today is a “I told you so ” day. Many of us ask God to send us signs and he does! That friend that you talked to that you thought was being judgmental, “I told you so.” The thought that was in your head that said, do it, “I told you so.” Even the Pastor at church that gave a sermon that hit home for you and you still didn’t do it, “I told you so.” We must stop and be quiet, hear and see the signs God is giving us so we don’t continue to be an, “I told you so.” Don’t be that person that died waiting for God to save you after he sent a boat, helicopter and rescue team…….I’m telling you these things now, so that when they happen you will remember my warning. -John 16:4

I know we have all been there ignoring all the warning signs but I am here today to let you now know again…step out on FAITH THIS IS YOUR BOAT…PLANE…RESCUE TEAM!!!!