I’m Not on a Diet

Morning Inspiration…Eating lunch doesn’t have to look like the traditional salad with a side of chicken breast and a little fruit. Why not have several sliced veggies with hummus and some almonds or walnuts? For dessert you could try sliced strawberries with a tablespoon (or two) of nutella. Yum!! The combos are endless…celery and peanut butter, apples with greek yogurt. Have fun with your lunch!-blackwomendoworkout

eating healthy


Friday Must Trys’

the attic

3441 E Broadway  Long Beach, CA 90803


The Attic is my FRIDAY MUST TRYS… This restaurant that looks like a country house sitting somewhere in Savannah, Georgia is right here in Long Beach on Broadway. With their divine service and meal selections…This place is definitely the place to eat at. I had the homemade biscuits that will have you coming back for more really set the tone for my southern cuisine with the homemade honey butter and the jalapeno raspberry jam just made those biscuits melt in your mouth. For my appetizer I had crab cakes with a spicy vinegar relish which was ok but my dinner selection just topped everything. I had the chicken okra gumbo with alligator sausage…yes, I said it alligator sausage. It was so good and because the rice wasn’t sticky rice it made the meal feel so much lighter as I licked the bowl clean. If you live in the Los Angeles area and you want to go out to eat…You have to try the ATTIC and bring your friends and family it accommodates big parties and smalls ones too.


A Must Try

FREE BIRDSTGIF y’all!!!! Today is my Friday and I am starting to understand what this day really means. It’s a day that most of us stop working at 5pm so we can get our weekend started…Eating, drinking, partying, spending time with our loved ones, cleaning, resting or just plain ole relaxing. Well, I have decided to try something new once a week and then share them with you all as my MUST TRY CAPTION ON FRIDAYS.  This weekend must try is a place called Free Birds World Burritos. If you love a place call Chipotle you will love love this place…FREE BIRDS WORLD BURRITOS!!!! It’s buffet style restaurant that allows you to get in line and make your burritos, tacos, salads, and burrito bowls that way you like it. For all of you healthy lifestyle people out there that are making a change for the good they offer different flavored flour tortillas, such as; spinach, Cayenne, and wheat. The variety wooed me as well as when I asked for my tacos and found out they only had plain ole flour tortillas and then the amazing customer service came in when my server stated that she could take the burrito tortilla and cut it to my taco size….AMAZING.. I had spinach tortilla chicken tacos. I am switching my taco place to FREE BIRDS WORLD BURRITOS!!! I might have to travel a little to get me some but it is so worth it…GREAT FOOD AND AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE…ITS LIKE BURGER KING YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY!!!! I give FREE BIRDS WORLD BURRITOS a FIVE STAR MUST TRY!!!!

Marina Del Rey

4025 Del Rey Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Phone: 310.306.9600


1500 Calorie 30 Day Meal Plan

Meal planningHello Everyone, I hope you have enjoyed these 1500 Calorie 30 Day meal plans.  This week will consist of the last 4 days of these meal plans,  I hope you all have been seeing some results in your waistline as well as learning to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meal plans.


Day 26

Monday Meal

Berry Wafflewich
1 large grapefruit

0% fat Greek yogurt
30 baby carrots

Gobbleguac Sandwich
1 apple

1 piece of string cheese

Tofu Stir-fry
2 cups of broccoli
1/2 cup of brown rice

1 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich

1500 Calorie Meal Plan

Meal planningWednesday’s Meal

Day 3 1500 Calorie 30 day meal plan…Sure to make you slim in the waist and in the face.

Lean Eggs and Ham
1 large grapefruit

25 almonds

Black Bean and Cheese Burrito
1 apple

1 piece of string cheese

Veggie Burger and bun
Salad with 4 Tbsp olive oil/vinegar dressing
1 serving of sweet potato fries


Tip: If you find yourself getting hungry, hit the produce aisle. Think outside the celery stick: fresh veggies come in all colors, flavors, and crunch levels. Better yet, they fill you up without packing on pounds

Reference: Women’s Health

Salad in a Jar

Came across this Salad in a jar craze and I felt that I should share it. I am going to try it for 1 week to see how much time it will save me during lunch time or dinner time.

Salad in a jarWHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!! Utterly brilliant, people. Not only does SALAD IN A JAR save space in your fridge, it also reduces food waste and gets non-salad eaters to mow down daily.
Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes
Sunflower seeds
Hard boiled eggs
Baby spinach
1) Arrange ingredients in a large mason jar
2) Store in fridge for up to a week
3) When ready to eat: shake jar, place on a plate, and eat!

You can make any arrangement you want… you can add red onion, cucumbers, radishes or peppers. Always remember to put the dressing at the bottom and the lettuce at the top—a MUST.

****NOTE**** If your making a few salads at a time for the week, you MUST remember to vacuum seal the Mason Jars. (Mason jars can be bought at Wal-mart, and various grocery stores) They must be vacuum sealed to remain fresh and crisp 🙂 Here are two different ways to vacuum seal a mason jar 😀

Ways to Increase your Metabolism

increase metabolismAccording to Everyday Healthy, Everyone’s metabolism naturally slows down with age. At 40, you could be burning 100 to 300 fewer calories a day than you did at 30, says Pamela M. Peeke, M.D., author of Body for Life for Women and assistant professor of medicine at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. That can translate into a 10-25-pound weight gain in a year. But you can counteract that slowdown and boost your body’s fat-burning capabilities by making just a few tweaks to your daily routine. The following strategies will help you bust out of a weight-loss plateau and burn even more fat.

Take five
Do five minutes of exercise each morning. We all have a metabolic thermostat, called the metastat, that can be turned up or down, and morning is the best time to activate it. Each day, your metastat is waiting for signals to rev up, so the more signals you can send it, the better. Your best bet is a light, full-body activity like walking or push-ups.

Fuel up in the morning
Numerous studies have found that regular breakfast eaters are often leaner than breakfast skippers. Your activity level and metabolism decrease later in the day, it’s a good idea to make breakfast or lunch your largest meal.

Fill up on good grains
Whole grains such as brown rice, wheat germ, dark bread, whole-grain cereal, oatmeal and bran leave you feeling full because they take longer to digest than simple carbohydrates.  Women who regularly ate the most whole-grain foods — about 1.5 servings a day — gained less weight than women who ate the least.

Pump yourself up
Muscle burns more calories than fat does, and decreased muscle mass can be one of the main reasons metabolism slows. To build and maintain muscle mass, aim for two to three strength-training workouts a week.  Try push-ups, squats, abdominal crunches and tricep dips off a chair.

Power on with protein
Add a little high-quality, low-fat protein, such as chicken, fish and egg whites, to your meals, and you’ll help your body burn fat faster.