No Gym Needed

5 minutes everyday!!!


No Gym Needed

Soccer Sculptor

soccer sculptorStand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Squat, then stand and forcefully bring right leg across and in front of body, leading with heel, as if kicking a ball, left arm swinging in front, right arm behind (as shown). Return to start. Switch sides to complete 1 rep. Repeat.

The Final Move…Total Body Workout

Here is your 4th move to the Total Body Workout.  The 4th move is the woodchop pile. Add this move with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd move starting off slow as well. Your day four is the last and final move of the circuit. Day four should be your break through day. Each move should be repeated until you reach 240 reps/12sets  Today your total workout should consist of 240 squats, chest press 180, mountain climbers 120, and woodchop pile 60 reps/3 sets. This is the day your transformation takes on its own life you have three more days to reach 240 reps/12sets for all exercise moves.

Woodchop Pliewoodchop pile

Targets: Arms, butts, hips, legs, and inner and outer thighs

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointed slightly outward, holding a heavier weight in each hand.
  • Bring both hands over left shoulder, elbows bent, dumbbells near left ear.

Remember to rest between each set and YES this is your 4th day!!!  I hope you enjoyed your 4days of The Total Body Workout remember you have 3 more days to go to reach your 240 reps/12 sets of all of the exercises. Do this workout four times a day and I promise you will see a result. Don’t stop..keep going and your will reach your goal!!!!

If you want to see a demo of the woodchop pile click the link This demo doesn’t show you in a pile stand. Don’t forget to use the pile stand with your toes pointed outward and bring in the foot as you complete each rep.

Do you have Love Handles???

Rocking Bicycle

rocking_bicycleLie faceup with arms extended, elbows slightly bent, into a wide ‘V’ overhead (open arms to the end of your towel’s length), with towel pulled tight behind head.

Extend legs out at a 45-degree angle, bending right knee and pressing the inner edge of right foot against inside of left knee.

Lift head and shoulders off the floor. Keeping abdominal engaged, gently ‘rock’ to the right, balancing on right hip, using the right arm and your abs to help stop the movement. Return to center. Repeat 10 times to the right, and then do 10 reps to the left.

Reference: Shape Magazine