Fashion Fly Friday

What a way to style on a Friday….An outfit that you can dress up or dress down. If you are out this weekend and you take a stroll to the mall or walk around the beach wear some open toed sandals and have a casual fun day and if you can’t make to the house to change clothes and your need to meet that hot date throw on your favorite black pumps or Cinderella slippers to dress it up with some fly accessories….

pin strip skirt with pink shirtFashion found on truebeautys_closet on Instagram…True Beauty’s Closet is located at 16930 NW 27th Ave Miami Gardens,Fl 33056 or you can purchase online at check them out they ship nationwide


Fashion Fly Friday

If you want to keep it real Fly on this Friday…stop by and pick up these fly rompers that just hit the TAGS Boutique Scene. These rompers will have you super-doper fly!!!!

tags white  jumpertags pink jumper

Classy, Spiritual Confident

Morning Inspiration….

Had to Re-post this self Reflection it is something we Women need to remember.When your inner beauty shines through there’s nothing more irresistible. Your heart, soul & intelligence do matter. Looks may get him but to keep him it takes more than a big butt & a smile…Words from Angie Williams confidence

SEXY isn’t always what she flaunts with her shape & looks. SEXY & SEX APPEAL is Classy, Spiritual Confident, has a Great Attitude, NEVER settles or searches for attention, Dresses with Sophistication, and is able to leave something to the imagination, She doesn’t have to be up in a mans face to make her presence known when a man already knows what type of woman she is simply by her demeanor & what comes out of her mouth… A woman speaks life & uplifts NOT sex!!
Diane Dee’Vah Starr