Healthy Tips While Watching the Super Bowl!!!

Jerrynoback                                                            Fitness Guru Jerry Anderson sent me his Super Bowl Tips….A way to stay Healthy and Party while watching the Super Bowl!!! Super Bowl Eating Tips..
1. Before the players come out the shoot – Have Some Fruit. 2. When you see Ray Lewis celebrate – Hydrate. 3. When the 49ers come out with their swagger – Hit the Vegetable Platter. 4. When the Harbaugh brothers greet – Have Some Lean Meat. 5. After Beyonce Sing – Have a Little Bit of Everything. REMEMBER: DON`T GET SACKED ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY – BECAUSE THOSE HABITS, WILL CARRY INTO MONDAY.

Living in the Moment

“To often we become discouraged by the lack of progress we see in our lives. We need to measure our achievements, accomplishments, and success in small step. God didn’t create the world in one day- He took it step by step and looked backed each day and said it was good”. Take time to live in the moment and recognize where you have come from and all of the trials and tribulations you have come through. Thank GOD for the blessings that you have and the blessing he has planned for you. Have a Blessed Sunday!!!!(Genesis 1:31)