No Gym Needed

body reachFINISH: Engage your core muscles and pull your elbows to your ribs as you raise the thigh toward your chest. Extend your arms and legs out again and repeat. If you feel unbalanced, drop your toe to the floor between lifts. Then switch sides.
Common Error: Scrunching forward and rounding your back
Fit Fix: Keep your torso tall and spine straight as you move your arms and leg in both directions. body reach1

No Gym Needed

Rear Raiser

rear raiserWith feet shoulder-width apart, squat all the way down, fingertips on floor slightly in front of feet. Keeping fingertips on floor, lift hips, extending butt toward ceiling with knees slightly bent (as shown). Return to start for 1 rep. Repeat. Target:  butt, thighs

No Gym Needed

Hit the Floor….

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms down. Crouch, placing right hand on floor near left instep, left arm extended behind you (as shown). Jump, reaching arms overhead and landing in crouch position with left hand near right instep, right arm extended back. Continue alternating for 1 minute. Targets: abs, butt, thighs

No Gym Needed

Stance Jacks

Stand with feet together, arms raised to chest level, elbows out, fingertips touching. Jump into a wide squat, pushing hips back as you reach left hand toward right foot, right arm extended behind you (as shown). Jump back to start. Repeat quickly on opposite side. Continue alternating for 1 minute. Targets: shoulders, abs, obliques, butt, thighs

Super Model Workout

rope em inRope Em’ In

Stand with feet together, knees soft, elbows bent 90 degrees, holding jump rope handles with rope behind you. Jump over rope slowly, landing in a squat each time (as shown). Continue for 1 minute. Target: abs, butt, thighs, calves

Take Flighttake flight

Start in a deep squat with feet wider than hip-width apart, toes out, fingertips on floor between feet. Explode up onto balls of feet, extending arms overhead with palms forward, legs wide (as shown). Jump back to start. Repeat for 1 minute. Target: butt, thighs, calves

picture perfect punchPicture Perfect Punch

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, knees soft, elbows bent, hands in fists in front of face. Punch right arm forward (as shown). Switch sides; repeat. Move slowly at first, then pick up the pace, alternating punches for 2 minutes. Target: shoulders, arms, back, abs

Workout Regimen Courtesy SELF


Work Out of the Day

walk lungesWalking Lunge

Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms overhead. Lunge forward with left foot so left thigh is parallel to floor, knee over ankle, right knee touching floor (as shown). Return to standing for 1 rep; repeat on opposite side, traveling forward. Continue, alternating sides. Do 20 reps. Target: works abs, butt, thighs, hamstrings

Scorpion Kickscorpion kick

Lie face down with arms extended out to sides, palms down, legs together, toes on floor. With hands planted, rotate torso to right, reaching right foot to meet left hand (as shown) for 1 rep. Return to start; repeat on opposite side. Do 10 reps. Target: stretches shoulders, hips

hand walkHand Walk

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Keeping legs straight, bend forward, place hands on floor and walk hands into push-up position. Inch feet toward hands (as shown) to return to standing. Do 5 reps. Target: stretches shoulders, abs, hamstrings, calves