Don’t beat yourself up

Nothing-is-ImpossibleMorning Inspiration….always stay positive, whenever you are feeling stagnate ask God for guidance and you will always see another path

In the words of  Iyanla Vanzant…. Rather than beating yourself up for what you are not doing, appreciate and celebrate the things you are doing. When you shift your focus away from what you do not want, you can create a vision for what you do. Don’t fight with yourself – focus on what you do, can do, choose to do, are ready to do.


Don’t Talk about it Be about it!!!!

dont talk about it be about itMorning Inspiration…..Today is that day I stop believing in what people are telling me until they can back it up with their actions. When you meet someone with the gift of gab watch out because those are the people who do a lot of talking and don’t have anything to show for it. If someone tells you one thing and do other trust me they will do it over and over and over again. My grandmother has always told me your word is all you have if you can’t stand by it then you can’t be trusted.

In the words of Iamrennyren….There is a lot of people talking about this and that but what are their actions telling you? When you see them out or scrolling through their timeline on social media what are you seeing them doing? We can all put on an act inside the church, but it’s what you do the other 6 days a week that also counts. We have to stop playing with GOD and live for GOD. When you know better your supposed to do better!

Those things which ye have both learned and received, and heard, and seen in me, do and the GOd of peace shall be with you….Philippians 4:9

Are you a Leader???


Morning Inspiration… to be a Leader that empowers, inspires, and motivates others.

Came across this quote yesterday on EmpowHer and it got me thinking about what does being a leader really mean. By definition a leader has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. The characteristics of a leader shows power, guides others, has a vision, values, charisma, intelligence and empowers others.

Now for me I agree with this quote except for the first line. I think a leader is not one who knows the way but finds its own way through their own experiences and then are able to lead others down the same path or a path that is suitable for them. What works for me might not work for you but I can help guide you on your own path while empowering and inspiring a person not to give up on their visions. Now that is a Leader!!


alwasy thinkLooking back on all the things in life has me pondering at this very moment. I hear it all of the time…money makes the world go around. Well, this is one of those moments. As, I sit here on my couch, I have to think about all the things money pays for: a place to stay, the car you drive, food, clothes, shoes, utilities, hair, gas, furniture and entertainment. When money doesn’t come through like it is supposed to makes you sit and wonder, what the HELL am I doing, why is my SHIT not together and is this STRUGGLE ever going to come to an END!!!! Money changes our moods, minds and our hearts and being on this spiritual struggle it is hard to stay focus on the positive, its hard to not lash out on someone you love, its hard not to just run away so it can just be you and you only. When everything in the world is not going right or as planned…it just leaves you pondering how much control do you really have, why me, and when does it get better.


I often wonder how are you, Shawond suppose to stay positive and uplift the people around you when your walk is just as hard as everyone else, when it feels like an elephant is standing on your back, How Shawond, and then I hear Joel Osteen in the back of my mind saying, “God would not have equipped you with these talents, vision, spirit, tenacity,heart, understanding, beliefs if he was not going to give you the VICTORY!!!!”  So, I want to send a message to all my readers if something in your life is not going right, stand still, stay in faith and watch GOD work some things out for you.