No Gym Needed

Day 8…Let’s Go!!!


No Gym Needed

renegade-rows-mountain-climbersHolding medium to heavy dumbbells, begin in plank position with hands directly under shoulders, keeping wrist neutral. Keep legs extended and open to provide a wider base of support. Keeping spine neutral, pull (row) dumbbell to hip without tilting hips (A). Lower dumbbell to floor, and repeat on other side. Then do 8 mountain climbers, bringing knees to chest (B). Repeat the cycle of 2 rows and 8 mountain climbers for the entire minute.


Fitness tip courtesy of: Women’s Health

Get Rid of those Love Handles

Why do you still have those muffin tops or what I call them love handles? I know that you all think that if I do 200 sit-ups then my muffin top will start to come down, NOT!!!! People your muffin tops don’t have muscle in them they are all fat…the fat that you have consumed is the fat you need to burn off. The only way you can rid of your muffin tops is through nutrition and a good cardio workout!!!

Sylvia Nasser, a certified personal trainer on Long Island, N.Y., recommends an overall plan for 30 to 45 minutes of cardio three to four times a week, strength training (including the exercises below) two to three times a week, and a day of rest every week so your body can rebuild muscle. She emphasizes that using a variety of cardio approaches will be the most effective — don’t just stick to only the elliptical or just a few spinning classes. Getting stuck in a cardio routine can lead to a plateau.

Try these 5 exercises that will CHECK YOUR LOVE HANDLES AT THE DOOR AND TURN THEM INTO CURVES. Everything you do will take some time remember you did not get those Love Handles over night so they are not going to come off over night. Work at it and stay consistent for 21 days and I promise you will see a change. Work a little longer and everyone else will see a difference as well. Don’t forget to follow the reps with the sets

1. Bicycle Crunches

  • Lie on your back, knees bent.
  • Place hands behind your head without interlacing your fingers. Lift your head slightly.
  • Twist so that your left elbow goes toward your right knee while you extend your left leg.
  • Pull your leg back in and extend the other leg, twisting so that your right elbow goes toward your left knee.
  • Build up to 3 sets of 25 reps each.

2. Standing Trunk Twists

  • Stand with your feet about hip-width apart.
  • Keep hips and legs facing forward as you twist to the right, extending your left arm out (like a punch) to the right.
  • Twist in the opposite direction (left), extending your right arm out in a punch to the left.
  • Aim for 100 repetitions.

3. Lying Leg Twist

  • Lie on your back with your arms stretched out to the sides, hands flat on your mat.
  • Lift legs and bend knees so that your calves are parallel to the floor and your thighs form a 90-degree angle with your torso.
  • Lower both legs together to one side so that your outer right thigh touches the ground on the right side, maintaining the 90-degree angle.
  • Return them to center and then lower to the other side so that your outer left thigh touches the ground.
  • Build up to 3 sets of 25 reps each.

4. Side Planks

  • Lie down on your right side, leaning on your elbow.
  • Extend your legs out straight, with your feet stacked. The edge of your right foot should be on the floor.
  • Use your core to hold your body up in a straight line (you can modify it by putting your right knee down on the floor if you need support). Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, or longer if you can.
  • Lower yourself fully to the floor and switch sides.
  • For added challenge, lift the top leg and hold it up so that it is not touching the bottom leg.
  • Holding each side for about 30 seconds, do four or five reps, and increase as you get stronger.

5. Seated Russian Twists

  • Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat.
  • Hold your arms out in front of you, hands pressed together.
  • Lean back about 45 degrees. With a slow, controlled movement, twist to your left side. Return to center, and twist to your right. That’s one rep.
  • One full rep should take about 20 seconds. Take a breath and repeat. Start with four to five reps, adding more reps as you get stronger.
  • For an added challenge, lift your feet off the floor as you do this exercise.
  • If you don’t have a medicine ball use weights or start off slow and just use your arm movements to build up your core.

References: Everyday Health, popsugartvfit on YouTube, Sylvia Nasser

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

1. Running…it just doesn’t just burn calories. It also slows the aging process

2.Weights….Sculpting and maintaining lean muscle keeps your metabolism on high, because it uses more energy (as in burns more calories) than fat.

3. Do some Cardio…Got four minutes? Try Tabata the high-intensity form of interval training that alternates 20 seconds of all-out effort with 10 seconds of rest. Tabata can double your metabolic rate for 30 minutes post-exercise. My 10 cardio circuits moves is a great way to double your metabolic rate!!!

4. Eat every three hours….Your body needs a little energy to digest food, so having small, frequent meals (around 200 calories) stokes your metabolism. Don’t cut calories; split ’em up. For example, eat half of your lunch at 11 a.m. and the rest at 2 p.m.

5. Drink a lot of Water…A good rule: Try to get 2 quarts of fluids (8 ounces times eight) daily. Fruit, veggies and other liquids (e.g., coffee) count, too.

6. Pack in the Fiber..It’s not easy to digest, and that’s a good thing. You burn extra energy processing fiber, keeping your metabolism humming. Aim to get 25 to 30 grams daily.

7. Incorporate Protein…Its amino acids rebuild muscle tissue—crucial, because if muscles break down, metabolism slows. Women should eat 70 g a day.

Check out the Example chart for gram counts…

Meal Food Fiber
Breakfast Whole wheat English Muffin (Trader Joe’s Brand) 5 grams
1/2 pink grape fruit 1 gram
Snack Apple 3 grams
1 serving multi-grain pretzels 3 grams
Lunch 4 oz. baby carrots 2 grams
One cup of cooked kale 2.6 grams
3/4 cup whole wheat penne pasta 5 grams
Dinner Roasted pork loin 0 grams
1 cup roasted yams 5.3 grams
3 ounces roasted pearl onions 1 gram
2 cups chopped romaine 2 grams
1/2 ounce dried cranberries .7 grams
1 ounce chopped walnuts 1.9 grams



You should be using weights

Here is Day 44 Tip for Loosing it Right Keeping it Tight exercise that will help you get beach ready for the 1st day of SUMMER!!!!

Hold a dumbbell in your right hand just above your shoulder; place your right foot two feet in front of your left, knees slightly bent. Drive through your right heel and press the weight overhead, pivoting your feet to the left to turn 180 degrees. Reverse the move to return to start. That’s one rep. Switch sides halfway through the set.

Quick Tip: Make it harder and recruit more muscles in your thighs, by bending your knees deeper at the start.dumbell shot press

The Final Move…Total Body Workout

Here is your 4th move to the Total Body Workout.  The 4th move is the woodchop pile. Add this move with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd move starting off slow as well. Your day four is the last and final move of the circuit. Day four should be your break through day. Each move should be repeated until you reach 240 reps/12sets  Today your total workout should consist of 240 squats, chest press 180, mountain climbers 120, and woodchop pile 60 reps/3 sets. This is the day your transformation takes on its own life you have three more days to reach 240 reps/12sets for all exercise moves.

Woodchop Pliewoodchop pile

Targets: Arms, butts, hips, legs, and inner and outer thighs

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointed slightly outward, holding a heavier weight in each hand.
  • Bring both hands over left shoulder, elbows bent, dumbbells near left ear.

Remember to rest between each set and YES this is your 4th day!!!  I hope you enjoyed your 4days of The Total Body Workout remember you have 3 more days to go to reach your 240 reps/12 sets of all of the exercises. Do this workout four times a day and I promise you will see a result. Don’t stop..keep going and your will reach your goal!!!!

If you want to see a demo of the woodchop pile click the link This demo doesn’t show you in a pile stand. Don’t forget to use the pile stand with your toes pointed outward and bring in the foot as you complete each rep.