3rd Annual Women’s Healthy Lifestyle Luncheon

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What is your Goal???

Morning Inspiration…..

adrienne deedee thompsonWanted to share this great accomplishment about Adrienne DeeDee Thompson on Black Women Do Workout. She took steps to get where she wanted to be to create a Healthy Lifestyle and even though it seemed like a long road ahead she stayed consistent and accomplished a milestone to loose 30lbs before her 30th birthday. You go Girl!!!
Adrienne DeeDee Thompson says she has always been considered “thick” but she is in control; on a mission with a reasonable goal and there is absolutely no stopping her now! Adrienne says…”I have always been in the thicker side. But I decided to take control of MY life because I WANT TO BE HEALTHY! I started doing Zumba last year around June, twice a week. In the BEFORE pic I was 253 lbs. taken in 2009. The after pic was taken January 2012 I was 221 lbs. So from June 2011-January 2012, I accomplished my goal at losing 30 lbs. BEFORE my 30th b-day!”